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The plumbing inspection division of the building department has the responsibility to not only review building plans and inspect plumbing as it is installed, but it has the explicit responsibility of preventing cross-connections from being designed and built into the structures within its jurisdiction. Where the review of building plans suggests or detects the potential for a cross-connection being made an integral part of the plumbing system, the plumbing official has the responsibility to require such cross-connections be either eliminated or provided with an approved backflow prevention assembly in accordance with the plumbing code. The plumbing official’s responsibility begins at the point of service (the downstream side of the meter) and carries throughout the entire length of the customer’s water system. The plumbing inspector should inquire about the intended use of water at any point where it is suspected that a cross-connection might be made or where one is actually called for by the plans. When such a cross-connection is discovered, it will be mandatory that a suitable, approved backflow prevention assembly be required by the plans and be properly installed, in accordance with the Utah Plumbing Code. (Ord. 87-01 § 1.3, 1987)