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A. No water service connection to any premises shall be installed or maintained by the City unless the water supply is protected as required by state law, regulations, codes, and this chapter. Service of water to any premises shall be discontinued by the City if a backflow prevention assembly required by this chapter for control of backflow and cross-connections is not installed, tested, and maintained, or if it is found that a backflow prevention assembly has been removed or bypassed, or if an unprotected cross-connection exits on the premises. Service will not be restored until such conditions or defects are corrected.

B. The customer’s system shall be open for inspection at all reasonable times to authorized representatives of the City to determine whether cross-connections or other structural or sanitary hazards, including violation of this chapter, exist. When such a condition becomes known, the City shall deny or immediately discontinue service to the premises by providing a physical break in the service line until the customer has corrected the condition(s) in conformance with the state and city statutes relating to plumbing, water supplies and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto.

C. An approved backflow prevention assembly shall be installed on each service line to a customer’s water system, at or near the property line or immediately inside the building being served. In all cases, the assembly will be installed before the first branch line leading off the service line, whenever the City deems the protection of the water supply to be in the best interest of the water supply customers.

D. The type of protective assembly required under subsection B of this section shall depend upon the degree of hazard which exists at the point of cross-connection (whether direct or indirect), as stipulated in the Utah Plumbing Code, Chapter 10 (Appendix J).

E. All presently installed backflow prevention assemblies which do not meet the requirements of this chapter but were approved assemblies for the purposes described herein at the time of installation and which have been properly maintained, shall, except for the inspection and maintenance requirements under Section 13.10.070(A), be excluded from the requirements of these rules so long as the City is assured that they will satisfactorily protect the public water system. Whenever the existing assembly is moved from the present location or requires more than minimum maintenance or when the City finds that the maintenance of this assembly constitutes a hazard to health, the unit shall be replaced by an approved backflow prevention assembly meeting the requirements of this chapter. (Ord. 87-01 § 3.1, 1987)