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A. All lighting should be purpose driven.

B. All outdoor lighting installed after October 1, 2019, in all zoning districts within the City shall conform to the requirements established by Sections 17.09.060 through 17.09.069, as well as Section 17.93.075. These sections do not apply to indoor lighting.

C. All existing outdoor lighting that does not meet the requirements of this chapter and is not otherwise exempted shall be considered a nonconforming use or part of a nonconforming structure subject to an amortization schedule outlined in Section 17.09.069.

D. In the event of any conflict between the provisions of Sections 17.09.060 through 17.09.069 and 17.93.075 and any other provision of the Moab Municipal Code, these sections shall control. (Ord. 19-03 Att. 1 (part), 2019)