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A. Unless specifically exempted by Section 17.09.068, all permanent and temporary outdoor lighting shall use fully shielded fixtures and shall be installed so light is directed downward with no light emitted above the horizontal plane of the fixture. Where a light manufacturer provides a BUG rating, the uplight rating (U) must equal zero.

B. All light fixtures shall be aimed and shielded so that the direct illumination shall be confined within the boundaries of the property from which it originates. Lighting shall not be aimed onto adjacent properties, except in cases of shared parking, shared pedestrian pathways, or for coordinated development sites spanning multiple parcels.

C. Light trespass onto adjacent public rights-of-way may be allowed subject to approval of the Zoning Administrator.

D. Lights controlled by motion sensors shall not be triggered by movement or activity located off the property on which the light is located. (Ord. 23-14, 2023; Ord. 19-03 Att. 1 (part), 2019)