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A. Front Setback. The minimum front setback for main buildings shall be fifteen feet. No accessory buildings shall be constructed on a lot prior to the main structure.

B. Side Setback. The minimum side setback for any dwelling or any other main building shall be seven feet; provided, that the minimum distance between dwellings located on the same or adjoining lots shall be ten feet. On corner lots, the side yard that faces on a street shall be not less than twelve feet.

C. Rear Setback. The minimum rear setback for any main building shall be ten feet. On corner lots, the rear setback shall be not less than eight feet.

D. The minimum side setback for accessory buildings on interior and corner lots is listed in Section 17.09.560, Accessory use or structure. (Ord. 19-13 §§ 14, 15, 2019; Ord. 13-01 (part), 2013: Ord. 10-14 (part), 2010; Ord. 06-08 (part), 2006; prior code § 27-18-3(C))