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A. Active employment households shall be regulated by this chapter, in addition to the requirements defined in Chapter 17.06, Definitions, for “accessory dwelling unit, Type 1,” and “accessory dwelling unit, Type 2.”

B. The provisions of this chapter and use parameter requirement shall be reviewed on a recurring interval of two years from date of adoption, for assessment of continued need and inclusion in the underlying zones in which it is required.

C. Active employment households and active employment units required as a use parameter for the permitted use of multi-household dwelling developments shall be regulated as follows:

1. Not less than thirty-three percent of the number of dwellings approved for multi-household dwelling developments in the R-3 multi-household residential zone and R-4 manufactured housing residential zone shall be designated or deed restricted to be active employment units.

a. Where the percentage of any required active employment units in a multi-household dwelling development, as applied to the total number of units, results in a decimal, the number of required AEUs shall be rounded down if the remainder is less than nine-tenths; and rounded up if greater than nine-tenths.

2. Active employment units shall be roughly equivalent by number in type (e.g., studio, one bedroom, two bedroom…) and size (square footage) to the non-active employment units within the development.

3. The active employment units shall be ready for occupancy no later than the date of the initial, or temporary occupancy of any non-active employment units within the project or applicable phases thereof. If the non-active employment units are developed in phases, then the active employment units may be developed in proportion to the phasing of the non-active employment units (e.g., not less than thirty-three percent of the units developed for occupancy in any phase shall be active employment units).

4. Active employment units shall only be occupied by households who qualify as active employment households.

5. Active employment units shall be occupied by active employment households a minimum of nine months per calendar year, which do not need to be consecutive or held by the same occupant.

6. Active employment units shall not be occupied, rented, or leased by active employment households for less than ninety consecutive days. (Ord. 22-05 § 4, 2022)