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A. Signs are an important issue for the City, its business owners and local residents. When abused, signs can create a visual blight which detracts from the quality of the environment and the experience of visitors to Moab. When signs are unduly restricted, however, it may create a hardship for merchants who rely on effective signage to identify their establishments and thus be successful in their business venture. All signs and lighting impact the economics, aesthetic value and character of a community. It is thus in the City’s best interest to adopt a sign code which protects the public health, safety and welfare of its citizens and business community. It is the intent of the City to create an atmosphere of partnership with the business community in order to achieve economic stability of Moab while at the same time protecting residential areas and resources that draw visitors to Moab.

B. It is the purpose of the sign ordinance to:

1. Promote traffic and pedestrian safety;

2. Reduce visual clutter;

3. Increase the readability and effectiveness of signs;

4. Encourage individuality and creativity;

5. Promote city beautification;

6. Encourage fair business representation through signage; and

7. Enable the fair and consistent enforcement of these sign provisions. (Ord. 22-07 § 1, 2022; Ord. 00-03 (part), 2000: Ord. 92-02 § 1, 1992. Formerly 15.44.010)