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Signs may be unlighted, lighted externally, lighted internally, or backlit. All sign lighting must be designed, directed, and shielded in such a manner that the light source is not visible beyond the property boundaries where the sign is located. Lighting for signs must be directed such that only the sign face is illuminated. All lighted signs must have stationary and constant lighting. All sign lighting is included in the calculation of total light output for a property. All illuminated signs must conform to the lighting hours detailed in Section 17.09.065.

A. Standards for Externally Illuminated Signs.

1. Lighting for externally illuminated signs must be aimed and shielded so that light is directed only onto the sign face and does not trespass onto adjacent streets, roads or properties or into the night sky.

2. Lighting for externally illuminated signs must be mounted at the top of the sign (or within two feet of the top of a wall mounted sign).

3. Lighting shall consist of no more than four individual fixtures (or lamps) per sign face and produce a maximum of forty thousand lumens per fixture.

4. All sign lighting shall be included in the calculation of total light output.

Permitted and Prohibited External Sign Lighting Configurations


Not Allowed

Fully Shielded



B. Standards for Internally Illuminated Signs.

1. Only sign text areas and logos may be illuminated on an internally illuminated sign.

2. Internally illuminated signs shall use semi-opaque materials for sign text and logos such that the light emanating from the sign is diffused. Transparent or clear materials are not allowed for sign text and logos. Nontext portions of the sign (e.g., background and graphics other than the logo) shall be made of opaque material.

C. Standards for Backlit Signs.

1. The light source shall not be visible.

2. Backlit signs shall only allow indirect illumination to emanate from the sign. For example, signs that create a “halo” effect around sign copy are allowed.

D. Standards for Illuminated Window Signs.

1. Businesses may display a maximum of two illuminated window signs positioned to be primarily visible outside the business structure.

2. Illuminated window signs shall not exceed four square feet in area.

3. Illuminated window signs shall not be illuminated when the business is closed. (Ord. 23-14 § 2, 2023; Ord. 22-07 § 3, 2022; Ord. 19-03 Att. 1 (part), 2019. Formerly 17.09.465)