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A. The RAP TAC shall:

1. Be advisory but make written recommendations to the City Council regarding allocation of the RAP tax revenues to applicant entities.

2. Adopt bylaws, a mission statement, and objective criteria for its allocation recommendations regarding applicant entities.

3. Meet once annually to consider applications and make recommendations to the City Council.

4. Convene the annual meeting as soon as reasonably practicable after the City Council approves its fiscal year budget in June.

5. Make recommendations to City staff and the City Council regarding subsequent appointments to the committee.

B. The Mayor may suspend the RAP TAC’s annual meeting requirement based upon the amount of RAP tax revenue collected in any given year that is administered, collected, and enforced in accordance with Utah Code Annotated Section 59-12-1402.

C. The RAP TAC may conduct additional meetings as necessary with the consent of the majority of the committee members. (Ord. 22-11 § 1, 2022)