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Room rentals (art events, classes, programs, workshops, public meetings, etc.; one-time or ongoing)

Dance room upstairs

$25.00/hr, $200.00/day

Stage room upstairs

$25.00/hr, $200.00/day

Foyer upstairs

$25.00/hr, $200.00/day

Side yard

$25.00/hr, $200.00/day

Downstairs conference room

$15.00/hr, max of 4 hours use

Private Studio/Office space


Private party deposit (refundable)

≤$500.00 (depend on event and party size)

Wedding fee (includes rental)


Any event with alcohol

$75.00/event additional

Coworking fees

Daily membership


Monthly membership


ARTillery studio monthly membership


Discounts available (one/agreement)

Local nonprofit (501(c)(3), church, school, mission aligned programs, etc.)

50% discount

Moab-area local multi-day rentals

20% discount

Moab-area local private party

10% discount

Moab City employee

20% discount

Equipment rentals

PA/sound system

Smaller model $75.00/day

Larger model $150.00/day

Digital projector




Tables (included if renting space)


Chairs (included if renting space)


Easels (included if renting space)


Yoga mats and blocks (included if renting space)



Beginner, single session

$30.00/per person plus materials

Beginner, multi-session

$50.00/per person plus materials

Advanced, single session

$50.00/per person plus materials

Advanced, multi-session

$80.00/per person plus materials

Commission rates for gallery work

City Hall and MARC Locations


Airport location


Special Events


Summer camp


Vendor booth space

$15.00 to $100.00/per size, event, and location

(Ord. 23-11 Att. A, 2023; Ord. 22-06 Att. A, 2022: Ord. 20-07 Att. A (part), 2020; Ord. 19-24 Att. A (part), 2019)