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Check given as payment to City that is returned for insufficient funds


Late payment penalty – assessed 10 days after payment due date

Commercial accounts – greater of 3% of billing or $25.00

Residential accounts – $15.00

Finance charge on accounts receivable that are over 30 days past due

3% or $25.00/month, whichever is higher

Designation of historic structure

$75.00 + public notice expenses and recording fees associated with the designation.

Conference room rental

$15.00/hr, $120.00/day

Council Chambers room rental

$15.00/hr, $120.00/day

Conference room and Council Chambers rental (open wall)

$25.00/hr, $200.00/day

Notary Services

$10.00/per page

(Ord. 23-11 Att. A, 2023; Ord. 22-06 Att. A, 2022: Ord. 20-07 Att. A (part), 2020; Ord. 19-24 Att. A (part), 2019)