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A. Any person aggrieved by a violation or apparent violation of the provisions of this section may file a written complaint with the City’s Code Compliance Officer, who shall investigate such complaint and take the appropriate action to have the violation penalized or removed, if such violation is found to exist.

B. Failure to meet any of the standards or rules contained in this chapter, or a violation of any part of this chapter, or a refusal or failure to abate any violation by the licensee, shall be unlawful and grounds for immediate revocation of the license.

C. Enforcement.

1. Prior to instituting any revocation or enforcement action for violations of the license or this code, the City shall deliver written notice of the violation to the licensee. The licensee shall have a period of not less than thirty days in which to abate or correct the violation, which period may be extended by the City Manager, upon a showing of good cause by the licensee.

2. Any violation not corrected within the abatement period may be subject to, at the option of the City, administrative, civil, and criminal enforcement. The City may commence a civil action to enjoin or abate any violation of this section. In any civil enforcement action, the City shall be entitled to obtain injunctive relief upon a showing of violation(s) of this section or the applicable home occupation license. The court may also assess civil penalties to the extent permitted by the Utah Code. The City shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney fees and court costs in any action in which a violation of this section is established.

3. Persons operating a business subject to this section without the required home occupation license, or in violation of Chapter 5.04, are subject to all remedies and penalties specified in this section.

4. Any license or approval granted, in whole or in part, as a result of false, inaccurate or misleading information supplied by the applicant or its agent shall confer no vested right upon the applicant, and may be subject to revocation following delivery of written notice to the applicant explaining the basis for the action. Any aggrieved party may appeal such revocation to the appeal authority by delivering notice of appeal within ten days of the notice of revocation.

5. Exhaustion of administrative remedies shall be a jurisdictional prerequisite to seeking judicial review. (Ord. 18-15 § 2, 2018)