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A. General Definitions.

1. “Alteration” means a change or rearrangement in the structural part of design whether by extending on a side, by increasing in area or height, or by relocating or change in position. Alterations shall include changes to all support and frame members including panels. Alterations shall not be interpreted to include changing outdoor bulletin or other similar signs which are designed to accommodate changeable copy.

2. Building, Front Line of. “Front line of building” means the line of that face of the building or structure nearest the front line of the lot. This face includes sun parlors, bay windows, covered and/or uncovered porches whether enclosed or unenclosed, but does not include uncovered steps less than four feet above grade and eaves overhanging less than two feet.

3. “Clear view area” means a triangular area formed by the intersection of lines extended from the front facet of the curb and a line connecting them at points twenty-five feet from the intersection of the lines.

4. “Feather type sign” means a temporary type sign with flexible fabric attached to one side of a rigid or flexible pole, generally in the shape of a feather or similar shape, with or without text which is used primarily for advertising or attention-getting, also known as blade signs.

5. “Frontage” means the distance for which a lot line of a zone lot adjoins a public street, from one lot line intersecting such street to the furthest distant lot line intersecting the same street.

6. “Illegal sign” means any sign erected or altered after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter governing signs from which this chapter was derived, not complying with the provisions thereof, unless such provision was expressly waived or granted a variance, is an illegal sign.

7. “Lot” means any piece or parcel of land, the boundaries of which have been established by some legal instrument of record, that is recognized and intended as a unit for the purpose of transfer of ownership.

8. “Nonconforming sign or sign structure” means a sign or sign structure or portion thereof lawfully existing at the time of its construction which does not conform to all height, area, yard spacing, animation, lighting or other regulations prescribed in the zone in which it is located.

9. “Official” means the City’s designated official to enforce this chapter.

10. “Shopping center” means any group of three or more businesses on one lot of record.

11. “Sign” means any device, fixture, placard or structure that uses any color, form, graphic, illumination, symbol or writing to advertise, announce the purpose of, or identify the purpose of a person or entity, or to communicate information of any kind to the public.

12. “Sign face” means one continuous surface with no visual breaks separated from any other sign face by at least six inches.

13. “Sign owner” means the owner, user, property owner, applicant or person having charge or control of a sign.

14. “Sign setback” means the minimum distance that any portion of a sign or sign structure shall be from any street right-of-way line.

15. “Sign structure” means anything constructed or erected supporting a sign which requires locations on or below the ground or attached to something having locations on or below ground.

B. The following are individual sign definitions which are specific types of signs included within the general definitions above.

1. “Animated sign” means a sign which involves motion or rotation of any part, created by artificial means, or which displays flashing, revolving or intermittent lights, including EVMS or other electric, electronic or computer changeable signs, including time and temperature signs.

2. “Balloon sign” means advertisement supported by a balloon anchored to the premises where the advertised use is conducted, product or commodity sold, service performed, or business name is located.

3. “Banner sign” means any sign of lightweight fabric or similar material. National, state or municipal flags are not considered banners.

4. “Beacon” means any light with one or more beams directed into the atmosphere or directed at one or more points not on the same zone lot as the light source; also, any light with one or more beams that rotates or moves.

5. “Changeable copy sign” means a sign, or portion thereof, on which copy is changed manually in the field; e.g., readerboards with changeable letters.

6. “Construction sign” means a sign identifying an existing or proposed development project which may contain the name of the project, name and address of construction firms, architects, engineers, developers, etc.

7. “Electronic variable message sign (EVMS)” means a sign using electronics to display copy or graphics with changeable message where the lettering is made up of lights or matrix elements.

8. “Flag” means any fabric, banner or bunting containing distinctive colors, patterns, or symbols, used as a symbol of a government, political subdivision or other entity.

9. “Flashing sign” means a sign which has or appears to have motion or rotation of the lighting elements, or displays flashing or intermittent light including EVMS and time and temperature signs.

10. “Freestanding sign” means a permanent sign supported by structures or supports that are placed on, or anchored in, the ground and that are independent from any building or other structure.

11. “Illuminated sign” means a sign in which a source of light is used in order to make the message readable. This definition shall include internally and externally lighted signs.

12. “Monument sign” means a sign less than six feet in height above the curb. It is to be flush to the ground or a gap less than twelve inches from the ground permanently affixed, and is to be incorporated into the landscape or architectural design scheme and has to display the name of the building, occupants and/or business.

13. “Name plate” means a sign indicating the name and/or address of a person legally occupying the premises.

14. “Off-premises sign” means an advertising sign which directs attention to a use, product, commodity or service not related to the premises on which the sign is located.

15. “On-premises sign” means a sign directing attention to a use conducted, product, commodity sold, service performed or business name upon the premises on which it is located.

16. “Pennant sign” means any lightweight plastic, fabric or other material, whether or not containing a message of any kind, suspended from a rope, wire or string, usually in series, designated to move in the wind.

17. “Portable sign” means a sign not permanently attached to the ground or other permanent structure, or a sign designed to be transported, including, but not limited to, signs designed to be transported by means of wheels, signs converted to sidewalk signs, balloons used as signs and umbrellas used for advertising.

18. “Projecting sign” means a sign which is affixed to an exterior wall or building or structure solely supported by and projecting away from the building.

19. “Property sign” means a sign related to the property upon which it is located and offering such information as address, name of occupancy for residential uses, sale or lease of the property, warning against trespassing, any hazard, or other danger on the property.

20. “Proposed development sign” means a sign announcing intent to construct a new development project.

21. “Real time video” or “video players” means projection of real time video footage, or any video footage, to an LED or any other display screen.

22. “Roof sign” means a sign which is erected partly or wholly on the roof of the building. This includes any sign mounted to a building which extends above the highest portion of the roof structure. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a sign structure having main supports embedded in the ground shall not be considered to be a roof sign even if the sign’s supports pass through a roof, canopy, or parapet of a building.

23. “Suspended sign” means a sign that is suspended from the underside of a horizontal plane surface and is supported by such surface.

24. “Temporary sign” means any sign, banner, pennant, valance or advertising display constructed of paper, cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard or other light materials, with or without frames, intended to be displayed outdoors for a limited period of time.

25. “Wall sign” means a sign that is either painted on a wall or its facing; or a sign which is affixed to an extension wall or building or structure and which does not project more than eighteen inches from the building or structure wall.

26. “Window sign” means any sign, picture, symbol or combination thereof, designed to communicate information about an activity, business, commodity, event, sale or service, that is placed inside a window or upon the window panes or glass and is visible from the exterior of the window. (Ord. 22-07 §§ 1, 5, 2022; Ord. 14-10 (part), 2014; Ord. 00-03 (part), 2000: Ord. 92-02 § 12, 1992. Formerly 15.44.390)